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Batavia Coast Replica Boat Association

Take a voyage back in time aboard the Batavia Longboat.

Learn about one of the world’s bloodiest mutinies as you sail aboard a full size replica of the original 17th century boat that carried survivors from the wreck of the Batavia. You can help to tack the sails, handle the lee boards and even steer the boat, or you can just relax and enjoy an afternoon on the water.

The Longboat sails throughout the year from the front of the Museum in Geraldton’s Batavia Marina, and can be seen beating out to the Point Moore lighthouse or tacking up into the harbour.

Sailing is free (donations are helpful). Children are most welcome but must be over the age of six years and accompanied by an adult.

Past Events

Dirk Hartog 2016

Our Usual Sailing Program

Last Sunday of the month: Community Sailing Day, usually at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm. (1.5 – 2 hours)

All sailing subject to weather and availability of our volunteer crew.

We also sail at other times during the week, sometimes for schools or the Museum, and sometimes by request from members or visitors. All sailing is subject to weather and the availability of our volunteer crew.

To find out more about the Batavia mutiny and the Longboat click here.

Or visit the Western Australian Museum Geraldton.